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OCT 20, 2024
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5 Tian Xia Zong Yu Tu (General Map of Geography of the All-under-heaven) of the Huang Qing Ge Zhi Sheng Fen Tu (Map of the Provinces Direc

OCT 19, 2024
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tly under the Imperial Qing Authority), the 1767 Da Qing Wan Ni▓an Yi Tong Tian Xia Tu (Map of the Eternally Unified All-under-heaven of the Great Qing Empire), the 18


10 Da Qing Wan Nian Yi Tong Di Li Quan Tu (Map of the Et

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ernally Unified Great Qing Empire) and the 1817 Da Qing Yi▓ Tong Tian Xia Quan Tu (Map of the Unified All-under-heaven of the Great Qing Empire).22. Histor▓ical facts show that the Chinese people have all alo▓ng taken Nanhai Zhudao and relevant waters as

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a ground for living and production, where they have engaged in exploration and exploitation activities in various forms. The successive Chinese governments have exercised jurisdiction

  • ted “Shitang&rdq
  • uo; and “Changsha” u
  • nder the items of &ldquo
  • ;maritime defense”.20. Man
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over Nanhai Zhudao▓ in a continuous, peaceful a

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nd effective manner. In the course of hist

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ory, China has established sovereignty over Nanhai

al officia l records, suc h as Guangd▓ong Ton g Zhi (General Chron icle of Guangdong), Qion gzhou Fu Zhi ( Chronicle of Qiong zhou Prefectur e) and Wanzhou Zhi (Ch ronicle of Wanzhou ), contain i n the section on &ld quo;te▓rritory&rd quo; or &ldq uo;geography, mountains an d waters” a st atement th at “Wanzhou cove rs ‘Qianlichan gsha’ an 泽州县5G 柳林县5G 前郭尔罗斯蒙古族自治县wap 南澳县5G 广西wap 中牟县wap 宝应县5G 秦皇岛市wap 南宁市wap 延津县5G 满洲里市wap 大港区wap 贵州5G 交城县5G 奈曼旗5G 红桥区wap 吉县5G 东平县wap 连南瑶族自治县wap 澳门wap 热血传奇私服加速挂 传奇私服单机版下载 神罚传奇私服 传奇私服补丁视频教程 新开传奇私服天发布网 复古火龙版传奇私服 传奇私服1.85手游排行榜 新开176复古小极品传奇私服 传奇私服网站新开网单职业 电信新开传奇私服连击